More On Vince/ECW Humor, More Backstage WWE News

At a production meeting, Vince McMahon said that the reason ECW was failing was because there was no humor on the show. Bruce "Brother Love" Prichard then started talking about how funny Brad Armstrong is. From all accounts, Brad is indeed funny behind-the-scenes, but unlike his brother (BG James), he's never really been able to translate that in front of the camera. Prichard said that Armstrong would shine in the spot because no one else on the show is funny. Tazz saw this as a powerplay and what you saw in him trying to cut him off was the end result.

The ECW fans have spoken and the 2006 ECW Die Hards of the Year are the two pretty girls from Jacksonville, Fla. that idolize Kelly Kelly, Melanie Halton and Angie Grose.

Starting in February, WWE will be broadcasting old episodes of World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) on WWE 24/7. The show will be hosted by Kevin Von Erich and Michael Hayes. WWE 24/7 will likely put up one show per month like in the case with the AWA.

Apparently, the 11/4/96 episodes of RAW and Nitro were skipped on WWE 24/7. I haven't gotten word on the episodes airing anywhere, as most people seem to only have the 11/11/96 MNW episode. The 11/4/96 episode of RAW featured the infamous Brian Pillman angle in which he had a gun and he was pointing it towards Steve Austin, who was invading his home. This angle created an enormous amount of controversy, not to mention that they were in danger of being thrown off the USA Network at the time unless the WWF apologized for it. Anyways, if the 11/4/96 MNW episode was indeed skipped, it was likely due to that angle. Although, the December 2006 WWE 24/7 preview show showed a brief clip of Austin attempting to break into Pillman's home by fighting off some security guards.