Necro Butcher Speaks On WWE, TNA, Indy Scene & More recently had the opportunity to interview Necro Butcher, below is the complete interview:

Andy Steven: Firstly I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview for

How did you break into the wrestling business and what have you been up to recently?

Necro Butcher: I started with the CWA, who ran the Sportatorium in 1997. Black Bart was the trainer and I stayed with them for about a year, I was still in the army when I began training and when my enlistment was up, I decided to stay in Texas and give wrestling a try.

Andy Steven: What inspired you to become a wrestler?

Necro Butcher: It was something I watched on TV with my father as a kid, my parents were divorced, so our time together was limited. When he died, his mother took it upon herself to keep us watching it and even took us to our first live wrestling in Wheeling, WV. It was always a big part of my life as a kid, whether it be watching every show that was on, or buying magazines, or playing play-by-mail fantasy leagues or anything I could do to get more wrestling in my life. So when I had the chance to train with the wrestlers, I wasn t going to quit no matter what.

Andy Steven: What independent shows have you been working and what indy s will you be working in the future?

Necro Butcher: Currently I am living and working in Texas for XCW in Denton. I also continue to work for CZW, IWA , JAPW, PWX and XICW in Detroit.

Andy Steven: Tell us a little about your training and who you have trained with?

Necro Butcher: It was very rough, but it was well structured and I look back fondly upon my training as a very enjoyable life experience. Jay Diego was one of the young workers in the area who came to help with the training and work on new moves as well. He also did a lot for me as far as training goes.

Andy Steven: You became the 2002 King of Deathmatch, what was that experience like?

Necro Butcher: It was a very big personal triumph as well as a professional accomplishment because it was my return show from the arm injury from the light tube ladders match with Madman Pondo.

Andy Steven: You also won the Tournament of Death in CZW and you are the only wrestler who has won both of these competitions/championships. Tell us a little on that experience as well as your time in CZW and how does it feel to be the only wrestler with that record?

Necro Butcher: That was another dual sided honor just like the KOTDM 02. The best part was having Gypsy Joe there with me. Spending time with him is something I am very proud of in my career. It was also coming off of another terrible arm injury at the TOD the year before that took over 100 stitches to close as well.

Andy Steven: You are currently working for XCW who recently completed a TV deal with MadTV, can you tell us what to expect on XCW TV and are you enjoying yourself at XCW?

Necro Butcher: Without a doubt I am having the most fun of my career. They have a great young roster full of talent and having signed the television deal will greatly help the chances of many of them to go on to good careers in wrestling.

Andy Steven: XCW are also on PPV OnDemand and VOD, will you be featured on any upcoming events? If so how can fans watch you?

Necro Butcher: The most recent PPV taping features a barbed wire ropes match which was very violent and bloody. I m not sure of the air dates of the show, the title of the show was XCW presents Naughty or Nice.

Andy Steven: What is your take on the current Indy scene?

Necro Butcher: It's taken me a while, but I'm finally able to make a living wrestling and that feels damn good, but you have to get out there and make contacts, not too many companies run weekly shows, most are just monthly, so you have to string together bookings and pick and choose where you work and try to keep everybody happy so they will keep you bringing you back.

Andy Seven: What are your thoughts on WWE and TNA?

Necro Butcher: I don t regularly watch their shows but I know a few of the guys there and its good to see them making a good living and its fun to watch young guys come up through the ranks of the indy scene and hit it big with the large companies.

Andy Steven: What is your opinion on the internet wrestling media?

Necro Butcher: I think that overall the internet is a good thing, I do a lot of my business with promoters via email and its also a good way for new fans to hear about promotions and wrestlers. Sometimes the fans get a little too carried away, but the good far outweighs the bad.

Andy Seven: You have wrestled against several world class athletes such as Samoa Joe, Homicide, Roderick Strong, Super Dragon and many others, what has been you favorite match in your entire career?

Necro Butcher: A lot of them have meant a lot to me, I wouldn t want to slight anybody by not mentioning them, a few that do stand out are a barbed wire match with BJ Whitmer in Dayton, a match with Toby Klein in Oolitic, IN, recently I hd a fun 4 way light tube match with Drake Younger, Insane Lane, and Corporal Robinson down in Alabama that was a lot of fun too.

Andy Steven: Have you come across any trouble backstage?

Necro Butcher: Not lately, but early in my career I did. Nothing I couldn t handle then, and I'm sure nothing will ever happen I can t handle either.

Andy Steven: I would like to thank you very much once again for taking this time to take part in this interview for, I wish you the best of luck in the future and do you have any messages to say to your fans and what is next for Necro Butcher?

Necro Butcher: Thank you as well, I had fun answering the questions. I have a big thanks to all the fans who ever came to watch me or enjoyed any of my matches, I enjoyed them too, and they re the reason I could never quit. A big upcoming match for me is Dec 16 for IWA, the Low-Ki rematch.