Off-Air Notes From Last Night?s RAW

Special thanks to Ryan Morgan for sending me the following report:

I attended last night's RAW at Mohegan Sun. Here are some notes from the show.

I got there at noon. Ron Simmons came out by the box office and signed autographs and took pictures. Everyone joined in with him saying "DAMN!" on the count of three before he headed back inside.

A few scattered seats became available around 5. It was a legit sellout. They even had an employee get on a mic and announce that there were none left, which was a first time I've seen that and I've been going since they debuted in 2002.

I ended up right behind the sound board, first row off the floor next to the caution tape by the hard cameras. They put Vinny Pazienza, two beautiful women who were well endowed and another gentleman next to me inside the tape. A WWE official just reminded them not to stand up while they were live.

Local promoter of CT autograph signings Sam Romanella (sp?) came over to say hello and talk about bookings he had just made. He told Paz you wouldn't believe how much money Cena brings in. He also invited them to the Gold Club in Hartford and said that Masters and Orton were going. I guess the other guy knew Todd Grisham as he pointed them out to the others while he was conducting the trivia segment and they were hanging out with him and Coach after the show.

I also heard that Vinny cut an interview backstage (possibly for the RAW celebrity tie-in commercials you guys reported about). They went backstage during the middle of the show and came back with some beers. Vinny was cracking up when I told him Cena would be wrestling K-Fed as they thought it was just a joke. He was definitely into the show. He made the comment to the girls, "Watching this makes me want to hit somebody." He met with fans, posing for pics and signing autographs near the hotel lobby after the show.

After eating at the restaurant nearby, Shelton Benjamin, Estrada, Cryme Tyme and Umaga also met with the fans. Michael Cole went into the lounge where Paz, Coach and Grisham were. My friend was the only one who spotted him other than me and asked for a photo. He made a big deal out of it like it was a huge inconvenience, rolling his eyes and sighing, but did take the photo before heading inside.