RAW Rating Is In, More On Roster Trades, Little Bastard, More

RAW on Monday night with the Tribute to the Troops did a 2.7 rating. This show has never been about ratings and it fell on Christmas which is always a low ratings night. This comes as no surprise.

As noted earlier, WWE developmental talents such as Oleg Prudius (Vladimir Koslov), Dan Rodimer, G. Rilla (George Murdoch) and Jake Hager are all scheduled to switch from one territory to another. All of the four talent listed above are currently with Deep South Wrestling and will now be moved to Ohio Valley Wrestling after the New Year. Other talent shifts between Deep South and Ohio Valley are expected after the New Year as well. The idea behind these talent shifts is that wrestlers will be able to benefit from trainers in each territory and prevent them from getting too comfortable. By shifting them to a new territory, the wrestlers will gain a better understanding of "life on the road" and gain a greater respect for the business. It should also be noted that these talent shifts are coming at a time in the company where some developmental talent could be getting released as many who have been under contract for some time have yet to be brought up to the main rosters.


WWE.com has an article up about The Little Bastard and how the company has started a storyline where he is "suing" the company.

The official ECW website has a poll for ECW Die Hard of the Year. Also, today is the last day to vote.