Rob Vam Dam Set To Join TNA Wrestling?

As reported earlier, Rob Van Dam's WWE contract will be expiring in a few months. News is now coming out that he is legitimately expressing interest in leaving WWE for TNA and the independent circuit when his contract ultimately expires.

RVD was openly talking about it during the weekend of the ECW PPV, asking people if it was a good idea. Especially after some fans at the ECW PPV were chanting for him to go to TNA. Furthermore, several people said that his wife Sonya, who was in attendance at the PPV, was chanting "TNA" along with some other fans. As things stand now, the belief is that he won't sign a new contract with WWE, but things can always change.

RVD feels that Vince McMahon wouldn't allow the ECW belt to be put back on him because he thinks he's still being punished for his pot bust back in July. RVD thinks he did his time. Also, RVD's refusal to go on the Iraq trip probably didn't help matters, even though it was technically voluntary.

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