Sandman Pisses Off 'Taker Backstage, RVD's Heat, Heyman's Firing, More

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Internally, the feeling is that The Sandman better shape up or he could be shipped out. During the European tour in November, Undertaker wasn't too fond of The Sandman's obnoxious and loud ways. Undertaker was saying he could put up with Big Show because he's used to him, but The Sandman was rubbing him the wrong way. Considering that the ECW wrestlers will now be touring with the SmackDown wrestlers, he is going to have to change his ways or he may not last as an employee for WWE.

The general feeling among the writing staff is that Heyman's departure was the best thing for Paul and the company. Pantelis Ypsilantis was the only writer upset by Heyman leaving because he felt Paul had helped him keep his job over the last three weeks and was considered to be his latest prot?g?.

Rob Van Dam ended up not going to the Tribute to the Troops after all. They wanted him to go last year and he refused, and they put even more pressure on him this year and he refused again. There is a ton of heat on him for this.