**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown Taping Results

Mark French passed along the following SmackDown spoilers:

-World Champion Batista squashed Sylvan. So, Lashley beats Dupree, Batista beats Sylvan, how come Cena didn't beat Rob Conway on Raw to make it a La Resistance trifecta?

- Johnny Nitro defeated Matt Hardy. I guess Nitro is covering Mercury's spot until he can wrestle again.

- Jimmy Wang Yang defeated Jamie Noble. I think it was a little bit longer than their last match, which isn't saying much.

- The Boogeyman defeated Gregory Helms. I missed this match, so I have no idea when Boogey became a Cruiserweight. I guess the Worm Diet works, or this was Helms back in his role of Cruiserweight Champion who loses non-title matches to heavyweights.

- Undertaker & Kane defeated King Booker & Fit Finlay. No matter what anyone says, Undertaker is still the most over performer in the company.

- Ashley & Layla defeated Jillian Hall & Kristal while I was wishing someone had asked Santa Claus for a Victoria run-in.

- Chris Benoit beat Chavo Guerrero, again. What is that, 0-4 for Chavo against Benoit now?