Storm Pissed, JR/VKM , Trish Working Indy Show, More News

Jim Ross has posted his latest set of feedback on his official website, In the feedback, J.R. comments on the VKM Million Dollar Challenge, the women's division, the ECW PPV and Joe-Angle II, CM Punk, Internet Wrestling websites and more.


Lance Storm has posted a harsh review on Eric Bischoff's book, Controversy Creates Cash, on his official website. Storm wrote, "In my opinion this book is the biggest load of crap I've read in a long time, and I'm saying that as someone who liked and got along well with Eric Bischoff."

Trish Stratus will be making an appearance for an Indiana-based independent pro wrestling group this Friday night at the Riley Center on Walnut St. in Muncie, Indiana. Visit for more information. She's just making an appearance on the show, she won't be wrestling.