Tazz's Contract Expiring, Brooke Hogan, WWE Studios, More

I have been on the phone to DirecTV, and was told that the satellite company would not be offering the Road to Wrestlemania 23 PPV package. We earlier reported that the Dish Network was offering this package to their subscribers. However, if you are a DirecTV subscribers, log in at directv.com and go to the Sports Subscriptions section. They don't have a logo posted, but it will allow you to order the Road to Wrestlemania 23 – $99.00/Three-Package Event. I would suspect DirecTV will be alerting their subscribers of this change shortly.


Tazz's contract expires soon, and he is asking for a raise.

WWE is close to breaking ground on the expansion of its television studios.

Brooke Hogan's record label has selected "Heaven Baby" as her second single.