Tazz-WWE Update, Hogan, K-Fed vs. Cena, & More News

WWE.com has a new feature up called "Superstar to Superstar." In the first edition, Hulk Hogan interviews Sylvester Stallone about the new Rocky Balboa movie. The new Rambo movie, Thunderlips, and other stuff comes up as well.


Tazz confirms in his latest ECW.com column that his contract expires in March. He shoots down rumors that he has asked for a raise though, saying WWE has yet to approach him about signing a new deal. This is one of those deals where you're still under contract so you can't bad-mouth the company but he has definitely told friends he wants a raise.

WWE has gotten a lot of publicity this week surrounding the Kevin Federline/John Cena match. Even Jay Leno joked about it in his monologue during The Tonight Show earlier this week. Jeremy Grimm sent this: I was watching Leno and he said he heard Kevin Federline is going to wrestle John Cena on New Years day on PPV. { PPV?} Then said he had a better future in fake wrestling than fake rapping. Excuse me Jay but who wrestled Hulk Hogan not so long ago and looked like the tired windbag that he is in the ring. Wasn't so fake then was it? Just thought Id send it along.