Tazz/WWE, ECW Update, December To Dismember, More

As noted, Tazz's WWE contract will be expiring soon and he's looking for a raise. Considering that he's on the now low-profile ECW, he might not get one. It is indeed possible that he'll be leaving the company when his contract ends if they can't come to an agreement. Also, Brad Armstrong called a match during last night's ECW broadcast, so if Tazz was to leave, they would have someone in place to replace him.

ECW on Saturday night drew a record low rating as it did a 0.9 cable rating, with a 1.7 share. The late night airing of A.M. RAW pulled a better rating as it did a 0.9 cable rating as well, but with a 3.9 share.

Regarding the attendance for December to Dismember, the show ended up drawing 4,800 fans. However, only 3,600 were paid and the rest were comps.

The DVD for See No Evil has grossed $3.79 million and was No. 9 in the DVD charts in its first week of release.