The New Head Of ECW, Brooke Hogan, Russo/TNA Update, More

The new head of ECW creative has been announced. With the release of Paul Heyman earlier this week, David Lagana will be replacing Paul Heyman as head of ECW creative. David Lagana was the former head of SmackDown creative and moved to ECW when it was brought back in earlier this year.

On this weekend s reality TV series of Hogan Knows Best on VH-1 is entitled "Brooke's Video Dreams . The preview states that Brooke Hogan wants to take a bigger role in her managing career.

Vince Russo was under he impression that TNA had secured a weekly two hour time slot of SpikeTV. He showed up with six hours worth of television written for the last set of iMPACT tapings, however TNA only had three hours to tape.

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