The TNA Star Who Wanted To Fight Angle, Tomko's Status, More

Source(s): The Wrestling Observer Newsletter &

Homicide was really upset with Kurt Angle popping his ear in the TV match that aired last week. He was so angry that he wanted to fight him right there, but he managed to keep himself under control.

Christian Cage had pushing for TNA to bring in Tomko from just about the time he was released from WWE earlier in the year. The original plans called for Cage to win the title in 2006, turn heel on Sting, and then have a match at the December PPV where Sting would get the title if he was staying in TNA, or he'd put Cage over if he was leaving. Of course, plans greatly changed over the course of the year. Anyways, he pushed for Tomko to be by his side when the time would ultimately come for Cage to turn heel.