TNA Stars Film Beer Commercial, Cena/Subway, Leyla/Maxim, More

Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Hart, and Kip James filmed a Bud Light commercial earlier this week.

I just saw John Cena featured in the Subway television commercial he recently filmed. Cena debates Jared on whether a Subway sub is less fat or more meat (which Cena argues). In the advertisement, Cena stands next to Jared with his WWE spinning title belt.

From Eric Jenkins: I was in Sam Goody's last night and saw a Kane DVD for 5 Dollars It had both Inferno Matches he has had with Undertaker and also the Ambulance Match from Survivor Series 2003 with Shane McMahon. Also at Sam Goody's, they have Unforgiven 2006 and Trish Stratus DVD in a double pack on sale for $15.99.

From David Rowland In Manchester U.K.: I was looking around and I saw an advertisement for Maxim and it had former diva search contestant Leyla Milani on it.