TNA/SpikeTV Pleased With iMPACT, Eckstein, More


– Both TNA and SpikeTV executives are said to be very happy with this past Thursday s iMPACT preliminary rating which was a 1.2. UFC s Fight Night only pulled a 1.3. Look for the final iMPACT rating to be out shortly.

– MLB World Series MVP, David Eckstein was live on the ESPN Hotlist, and spoke about his recent conflict with AJ Pierzynski. Eckstein teased a possible match featuring him & Lance Hoyt, vs. Pierzynski and the Demon (Dale Torborg).

– As reported a few days ago, TNA is looking to move pay-per-views on the road. It now looks that if they keep going with the MLB angle, St. Louis will definitely be the location of a 2007 pay-per-view.