Torrie Wilson's New Boyfriend, WWE Star In For Huge Push, & More

At King Booker's PWA show Saturday night, Torrie Wilson came to the ring to hand out a signed poster. However, Mitch, formerly of the Spirit Squad, stopped her. Wilson then gave him a lowblow. Also note, Torrie Wilson and Mitch are now a real life couple.


The McMahon's have decided that WWE newcomer Vladimir Kozlov (Oleg Prudius), who made his debut at last Monday's RAW in D.C., will be in line for a main event push. However, this has caused some concern because his wrestling abilities aren't too good. So much so that Deep South Wrestling officials didn't want his matches to appear on their television show. Kozlov has only been wrestling since April. Anyways, the plan is for Kozlov to be a geeky Russian who thinks that he's a babyface when he is actually a heel (this is similar to the original gimmick for Kurt Angle). Furthermore, his gimmick is that he's a sambo and MMA champion.

The Chicago Tribune has a story on Trish Stratus and her reality show, "Armed & Famous." The article noted that in one segment, Stratus worked in a prostitution sting operation.