UWF & TNA Part Ways, Nash/PCS, Tomko, Lots More

During the weekend edition of TNA Xplosion, Kevin Nash announced that the final event for the PCS (Paparazzi Championship Series) will be taking place at the Final Resolution PPV on January 14 with the winner to be determined that night.

Bill Banks has an "in character" interview up with Tomko at TNAWrestling.com.

A preview of upcoming TNA DVD releases are up at TNAWrestling.com.

According to the official message board for Hermie Sadler's UWF, the promotion has announced that they will no longer continue to run TNA licensed events going into 2007. However, the UWF will continue to use TNA talent for events next year. While UWF didn't formally announce a reason for doing so, TNAWrestlingNews.com is reporting that the dropping of the "TNA" name from UWF events had to do with the fallout from the issues involving the cancellation of a TNA licensed event promoted by Sadler in Connecticut this past November. Another factor in UWF making this move was also due to the fact that TNA has started branching out and running their own live events starting in 2007 as well. The UWF will be running their next live events in 2007 during the weekend of February 2 and 3. On February 2, the promotion will hold an event in Wilson, NC and then the following day with a location to be announced very soon. Tickets for the 2/3 event will go on sale December 30, along with more planned events scheduled through August 2007 at this time. For those wondering, UWF will continue to use a six-sided ring for all events as they already own one.

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