Who WWE Stars Are Dating, Update On Former ECW Stars, More

In Australia, restaurant franchise Red Rooster is selling toy WWE cars in their Kids Meal.

From CSK8MAN1: I was watching VH1's "Top 40 Videos of 2006" and saw Brooke Hogan as one of the panelists on the show. One thing struck out at me in particular. She was simply identified as "Brooke", with no mention of her last name. It seems she's trying to break away from her dad's name.

William "Chilly Willy" Jones is accepting independent bookings and is working shows in the Carolinas. Jones, an Iraq war veteran who received a purple heart, is a former ECW grappler that was under a WWE developmental contract in 2004 and 2005.

Former Da Baldie Angel Medina now works as a Police officer in Wichita, Kansas.

During a recent interview, Johnny Nitro admitted to dating Melina. This has been known for some time. Amy Zidian, who was just released, is dating Joey Mercury. Maria is dating CM Punk and Batista is dating Rebecca.