WWE Flooded With Complaints After ECW PPV

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The disintegration between Paul Heyman and WWE can possibly be linked to the significant amount of complaints WWE fan services and DirecTV received after last Sunday's December to Dismember PPV.

WWE fan services and DirecTV were both flooded with complaints after the PPV and both McMahon & Heyman blamed the other for it. McMahon thought the show was good at first, at least until the next day when he got wind of all the complaints and realized that it was a bad show. At that point, he blamed Heyman for it.

Some people didn't want to pay because the show ended considerably early. Heyman was blamed for mistiming the show as it ended approximately 32 minutes early. Other complaints included the quality of the show and the false advertising of Sabu in the main event. It is believed that the "Where's my refund?" chant during the show encouraged several people to go and complain about it to WWE fan services and DirecTV. Furthermore, there was also a "Change the channel" chant" during the show.