WWE RAW Results (12/11): WGTT Reunites, D-X/RKO, More

WWE RAW Results (12/11): WGTT Reunites, D-X/RKO, More

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Airdate: Monday, December 11th, 2006
Location: The Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT
Results by PowerWrestling.com

WWE RAW Opener:

John Cena started the show, then Armando walked out dressed to manage and with a box of Cubans in his hands. Armando tried to get out of the match with his "peace offering." Cena grabbed the box and peeked inside. Shouldn't Armando be arrested for having contraband on the premises? Cena grabbed a cigar, sniffed it, and broke it in half. Armando decided that his next offer was his own wristwatch. Cena then broke the watch in half. Armando then pulled out a roll of $100 bills from his pocket. He told Cena to go hit the casino with the cash. He walked outside the ring and tossed bills into the front row. The fans chanted, "Kick his ass." Cena cornered Armando and took off his hat. The bell sounded.

Non Title Match
Referee: Chad Patton
Armando Alejandro Estrada vs. John Cena (c)

Armando tried to blast him in the face with a foreign object, but Cena drove him to his back and pulled the knucks off and handed them to the referee. Cena stripped Armando of his shirt and landed hard chops to the chest. He followed with ten punches, then hit the FU with a big smile on his face. Cover and the win. Cena wasn't done after the match. He applied the STFU, then Johnny Nitro ran into the ring and kicked Cena in the head.

Winner, the WWE Champion, John Cena

The Aftermath:

Nitro backed out of the ring with a huge smirk on his face. Melina then walked out and handed Nitro the mic. Nitro said there's more where that came from. He said he's teaching that to Federline for their match on Jan. 1.


Cena was walking backstage with a dazed look on his face, as if he just had a concussion. Cena said he has no comment. He has a challenge, though. Cena challenged Nitro to a match.

Referee: Jack Doan
Carlito and Jerry Lawler vs. Chris Masters and Viscera

Lawler took a beating from Viscera, but Carlito broke up two pin attempts following big power moves. Carlito took a tag and knocked down Viscera with a springboard back elbow. Masters took a dropkick, then Carlito ran into a swinging sidewalk slam. Lawler came in with right hands, but Viscera shoved him aside. Masters then put Carlito in the Masterlock, but Carlito slipped out and shoved Masters into Viscera. Ross said Masters didn't have the hold fully applied. Carlito rolled up Viscera for the win.

Winners – Carlito and Jerry Lawler


They showed footage of Cryme Tyme having a card game with the Highlanders earlier in the day. The Highlanders won the first hand, then some random guy encouraged a double or nothing bet and they lost. Classic con game. Cryme Tyme sang their "Money, money, yeah, yeah" song. Kinda catchy. Charlie Haas walked up to Cryme Tyme and said they're pathetic. He said they've disgraced the black man with their antics. J.T.G. channeled Carlton from Fresh Prince for his response. Shelton Benjamin then walked into the shot and said he feels sorry for Shad's momma. He challenged Highlanders to a tag match to show that the World's Greatest tag team is back.


Kenny walked up to Edge and Orton backstage. He said he helped Team RKO win their match last week. Orton said Kenny took a Pedigree and a Superkick last week. Kenny said he sacrificed himself for the team. Edge told him to kick back with a box of milk and watch what he does to Triple H.

Referee: Marty Rabulcaba
The Highlanders vs. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas

Ross and Lawler said they spotted Haas hanging around Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Lawler brought up Shelton's checkered past and made some off-color remarks. Robbie took an extended beating before countering an abdominal stretch into a Russian legsweep. Rory took a tag and cleaned house before Shelton kicked Robbie hard in the face. Haas held Rory vertically across he top rope, then Shelton flew over Haas with a splash onto Rory's back. Haas then rolled up Rory and hooked the tights for the win.

Winners – Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas

In the arena:

They cut to a shot of Triple H walking backstage with a scowl on his face.

This Week In Wrestling History:

This Week in Wrestling history was from Dec. 13, 1988 for the Jerry Lawler vs. Kerry Von Erich title unification match where Von Erich cut himself well before the match got started. They cut to Lawler and Ross ringside. Ross said the match is on the AWA DVD and Lawler's finally going to get paid for that match.

Referee: Michael Chioda
Triple H vs. Edge

Edge came out first. Triple H then came out to his individual theme music and not the DX theme. Hunter started the match sporting a 69 DX jersey. He clotheslined Edge and took the shirt off. Lawler said it wouldn't be a wrestling match. They brawled to the announce area where Hunter threw Edge into the table. Hunter caught Edge with a high knee lift back in the ring. On the outside, Hunter tackled Edge. Randy Orton then ran down and attacked Hunter, causing a DQ.

Winner by disqualification, Triple H

The Aftermath:

HBK made the save before Kenny hit the ring and made it three-on-two. Ric Flair then ran down and the arena exploded. Flair chopped Kenny over the top rope to the floor. Coach walked out and booked a six-man tag match.

Six Man Tag Team Match
Referee: Michael Chioda
Edge, Randy Orton and Kenny vs. D-Generation X and Ric Flair

The start:

Flair chopped Kenny hard in the chest to start the match. Hunter then suplexed Kenny and dropped a knee across the face. HBK tagged in and choked Kenny with his headband. Hunter then softened up Kenny's left knee and tagged in Flair, who spit right in Edge's face. Edge ran in and accepted hard chops to the chest. Orton then blindsided Flair with a dropkick, which swung control of the match to the heels.

Mid-match notes:

Edge mocked DX with crotch chops, which drew boos. Edge then laid into Flair with right hand blows to the face. Edge and Flair a good exchange before HBK took a hot tag. He ran over Edge before landing atomic drops to Edge and Kenny. HBK went up top and dropped an elbow on Edge. He tuned up the band and dropped Edge square in the mouth with Sweet Chin Music. Out of nowhere, Orton ran into the ring and dropped HBK with the RKO. Orton quickly ran to the apron and stood with a smirk on his face as Hunter and Flair screamed at the referee. HBK and Orton were exchanging blows mid-ring out of the break. HBK caught Orton with a swinging neckbreaker. Edge tagged in and tried to splash HBK before he reached his corner, but HBK ducked and Edge ate the mat. Hunter took the hot tag and ran over Kenny. He smashed him in the back of the head with a double axehandle smash. Brutal.

The Finish::

Orton and Hunter had a slugfest before Hunter dumped Orton and Edge to the outside. Kenny took a spinebuster, then Flair tagged in. Flair tried to slap on the figure four, but Orton and Edge ran back in. This is hot. Kenny then went for the figure four on Flair, but Flair countered into a small package for the win.

Winners – D-Generation X and Ric Flair:

The Aftermath::

After the match, Edge speared Hunter. Kenny suplexed Flair, then Orton stomped on HBK. Edge slid two chairs into the ring, but Hunter saved HBK from a conchairto with his sledgehammer. He then smashed the hammer into Edge's chair and the heels bailed. Hunter smadhed the chair with the hammer as Flair helped HBK to his feet.


Nitro and Melina were on speakerphone with Kevin Federline in their office. Melina said Nitro was going to beat down Cena tonight. Coach interrupted the conference call. Federline dissed Coach, then Coach told Nitro to pay attention to Hardy-Umaga later tonight. Coach said he was going to make Nitro a star by booking him in a cage match against Hardy for the IC Title at New Year's Revolution. They walked off, but Federline was left behind on the phone. Ron Simmons walked into the show and said his one word line.

Referee: Jack Doan
Victoria vs. Torrie Wilson

Victoria slingshot Torrie throat-first into the bottom rope to start the match. She then bit off one of Torrie's nail and spit it into the crowd. Torrie tried to surprise Victoria with a roll up, but Victoria kicked out. Victoria quickly shook off a clothesline and hit the Widow's Peak. She rolled over Torrie and covered her for the win. Well, the kiss didn't work. You could clearly see Torrie Wilson's bare ass in pink panties with a major mid-section slip during this match. We've got 16 photos at the link at the very bottom of this post or at this link.. 100% guaranteed. Afterward, Victoria checked off Torrie's name from the list.

Winner – Victoria

The Aftermath:

Chris Masters then hit the ring and put Torrie in the Masterlock, but Carlito ran down and Masters broke the hold. Jerry Lawler jumped up from the announce table and yelled at Masters, who backed up the entrance ramp.

Non Title Match
Referee: Marty Rabulcaba
Umaga vs. Jeff Hardy (c)

Hardy tried to run into Umaga's belly, but he bounced right off him. Hardy hit the Whisper in the Wind at 2:00, then both men recovered on the mat as they cut to a break. Hardy tried to splash Umaga off the apron, but Umaga moved and Hardy crashed to the mat. Umaga applied a nerve hold back in the ring. Hardy broke free, but Umaga ran him over with a hard clothesline. He went up top for a Superfly splash, but Hardy moved. Hardy then hit the Swanton Bomb, but Umaga press slammed Hardy out of the pin to shock everyone. Umaga then caught Hardy off the ropes with a Samoan drop. He hung Hardy upside down in the corner and landed a flying headbutt to the gut. He followed with a charging rear splash to the face. Hardy slumped down. Umaga landed another rear splash and referee Marty called for the bell, declaring that Hardy couldn't continue.

Winner by referee decision, Umaga

The Aftermath:

Umaga decided he would land a third charging rear splash. He drove the Spike to Marty's neck, then did the same to Hardy, which drew big boos from the crowd.

Non Title Match
Referee: Chad Patton
Johnny Nitro vs. John Cena (c)

Cena wins with the FU. They hype up K-Fed facing Cena, good main event to end the show.

They plug the three hour RAW show.