WWE.com Relaunch In The Works?, ECW Notes, & More

WWE is planning a relaunch of its website over the next few weeks. According to an article in TV Week, they are going to change the focus from promoting the brand to being an entertainment site. They are planning online made-for-broadband TV shows ranging from 90 second to 20 minutes in length, such as the 'McMahon's Ass' cartoon and well as putting up matches up for PPV buys. Tom Barecca, who runs 24/7 and is in charge of buying tape libraries, will be running it.

The 11/8 to 11/15 European tour was the company's most successful overseas junket in history, grossing $8,000,000 for 16 shows, including topping $1,000,000 for both shows in Manchester, England.

The Rise and Fall of ECW will be released in May 2007 in paperback form, while Eric Bischoff's Controversy Creates Cash will see a paperback release in June 2007. The paperback version of Steve Austin's first WWE Films project "The Condemned" will be released in April 2007.