Backstage Update On WrestleMania 23 Plans Inside

No matches are set in stone for WrestleMania 23 just yet, but WWE still has The Undertaker vs. Batista penciled in with a Wrestlemania winning streak vs. World title stipulation.

Despite The Royal Rumble being in San Antonio, TX, it doesn't appear Shawn Michaels is going over. WWE is said to be opposed to doing two babyface vs. babyface title matches. If HBK doesn't get the title shot at Cena's WWE championship, it will likely either be Randy Orton or Edge. Since they have already did Cena vs. Edge on RAW, it's more likely Orton will get the nod.

Three potential opponents for Hulk Hogan include Shane McMahon, as previously reported, The Great Khali, and Umaga. This is like a big game between Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan. It's like this every year until one side gives in which usually happens fairly close to WrestleMania time.

Also look for something between Vince McMahon and Donald Trump.

Steve Austin will have some sort of role at the PPV as well.

Also look for something involving The Hardy's, MNM, and other tag teams as well. It could involve Tables, Ladders, and Chairs although that is not confirmed. There will be some stipulation though.