Backstage WWE News: Heyman's Contract, Cena, Trish, More

The "Subway" commercial featuring John Cena with Jared Fogle was airing during the Saturday and Sunday slate of NFL Playoff games last weekend. Some have pointed out how Cena wore the WWE Title in the commercial and how it was unlikely that we could see a title change until WrestleMania when airings of the commercial winds down. Then again, WWE could change their minds next week for all we know.


As of last week, Paul Heyman is still under contract with WWE as they have not released him from his deal or fired him. Heyman has yet to quit or resign as well. So, at this time, Heyman is basically getting paid to do nothing. Either WWE has plans to utilize him in the future for another project or they want to keep him away from TNA through the length of his contract.

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