Big Evening Update: A Roster Trade, Hardy Boys, RAW, & More

Adam Lebow sent this: Was just watching ESPN NFL Countdown and they had a music video for all of the NFL highlights for the 2006 calendar year, so from last years Playoffs until last week in the NFL, and I was surprised to hear the music selection. I am not sure who sang it, but I am pretty sure it was not Motorhead, as it was a more rap/techno version of 'The Game' theme song, sliuthy software. Anyways, there was no mention at the end who was the artists (except that they said the ESPN crew took extra time to make it) or that it was HHH theme song, but still thought I would sent it along.

Referee Mickey Henson aka Mickey Jay is expected to be moved from ECW to Smackdown in the near future.

Raw on 12/11 had 162,000 viewers (which would equal about a 2.0 rating) in Canada. Smackdown on 12/8 had 168,000 viewers, while 80,000 Canadian viewers tuned in for the 12/8 edition of ECW.

On 1/5, Jeff and Matt Hardy are scheduled to do an autograph signing from 6 to 8PM at New York Sports

On Saturday, about 8,500 people jammed into the James Brown Arena in Augusta, Georgia (site of the horrible ECW December to Dismember PPV) for Funeral Services for famed singer James Brown.

WWE will be back at the Peoria, IL Civic Center for WWE Raw on 5/21, after WWE's Smackdown Judgment Day PPV 5/20/07 in St. Louis, MO from the Scottrade Center.