Big Evening Update: Mysterio, Layla El/ECW?, More News

WWE announced today that they will report results for the company's eight-month period ending December 31, 2006 on February 13. A conference call will also take place the same day at 11:00am ET to discuss the results.

State police have been asked to investigate allegations of financial problems surrounding ticket sales at two WWE events held in Ogdensburg last year.

Anthony D'Alfonso sent this one: WWE Diva Search Winner Layla El's profile is now on the ECW Extremist page over on So, it looks like Layla has been officially switched from Smackdown to ECW starting with last night.

Jason sent the following along: According to John Cena will be on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Wednesday January 31 on CBS.

Lee-Michael sent this along: Just wanted to let everyone know that here in San Antonio, TX Ashley Massaro and WWE Tag Team Champions Brian Kendrick and Paul London will be at Lone Star Mitsubishi near Jones Maltsberger this Saturday, before Sunday's Royal Rumble.

John John Fucsk sent the following along: This past Sunday I attended the World of Wheels Auto Show in Pittsburgh, PA with Rey Mysterio signing autographs from 6-8pm. No one there expected such a turn out for Rey Mysterio. The line to get his autograph wrapped around the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Since the line was so long, security tried telling people they had no shot at getting his autograph since he was only there for 2 hours. That phased no one including myself. Rey had a flight to catch out of Pittsburgh at 10:45pm. Instead of leaving at 8, he stayed until after 10! The convention center is not close to the airport either, so he was cutting it close. Rey spoke to the crowd and apologized that not everyone got to meet him. He signed some more autographs (which turned to chaos because the convention center staff set this whole thing up terribly, and at this point everyone rushed the line and cut in front of people like me who were almost going to meet Rey. Security didn't do a thing about that either). Rey then announced that he had 90 autographed pictures to hand out, again everyone rushed up to the front, but then Rey said he wanted the children to get them first. Rey seemed to be a real nice guy when he spoke to the crowd, you could tell he wanted to sign everything for everyone, but because of his flight, he couldn't. I stood in line for over 4 hours for nothing, but I was glad he wanted the children to get the pictures. On an interesting note, while standing in line, we passed a booth with Pittsburgh's own, Virgil. I talked to Virgil for a but because he looked lonely plus with all the kids there, no one probably had a clue who he was (plus he was selling his autograph for $15, so no one was at his booth). He looked to be in great shape still. I asked him if he was still wrestling and he said he gets a lot of calls from military bases but he doesn't like working them because they won't offer him an insurance to him. He said he didn't want to wrestle anywhere that couldn't pay for him incase he gets hurt. I overheard him with another fan earlier and all I heard from the conversation was that in the long run, he won against the WWE. He appeared on a few Wrestlemania's and got paid $80,000 for each one. He apparently was smart and didn't spend the money he has made.