Big Show's Current Status, Several WWE Firings, & More Notes

At this point, Big Show has not committed to doing WrestleMania, and WWE wants to get the ball rolling. Big Show hasn't decided on anything at this point. As things stand, the feeling is Show will never be back wrestling full-time as his body can't take it. As far as doing select dates, it's possible. He hasn't turned down doing Mania, the company just decided on using The Great Khali in his place for the time being. Right now, Show is trying to lose as much weight as possible and assess the situation at that point.

In addition to Andrew Goldstein, SmackDown writer Travis Carter was fired as well last week. There is a lot of controversy in regards to Goldstein's firing. Those who support Goldstein said Michael Hayes saw him moving up the ladder and he wanted him gone. Some were blaming Hayes for the firing, but it was done quietly because he is in the inner circle in WWE. Although, others say that Goldstein was a big wrestling fan and didn't get the business aspect of wrestling. He had been warned in the past of disrespectfully mocking an agent, so that may have played a part in his dismissal. In regards to Travis Carter, his termination was believed to be inevitable. He too had a personality clash with Hayes. Also, Zachary Soto has been added to the SmackDown team.

John Laurinaitis was not at the 1/8 RAW taping because he was in Phoenix watching his nephew play in the national championship game.