Big Staff Cuts Continue, TNA's New Booking Style, & More

Source(s): The Wrestling Observer,

As things stand according to reports, Kurt Angle will likely compete in a tag team match at the 2/18 New Japan Sumo Hall show.

TNA's X Division could very well be something of a legit sport's division. The booking team is looking to do a new concept that would differentiate itself from WWE. reports that their current idea would be a "shoot" style X Division which would feature a time limit in all the X Division Matches. The outcome of the match would be in the hands of real judges as they'd decide the outcome as a shoot on who was legitimately the best performer in the match.

TNA made some more financial cutbacks last week. Many members of the office staff, who have their hotels paid for in Orlando, were told they could double up and stay at the Doubletree, or get a single room at a less expensive place. They also eliminated the company shuttle getting people to and from the airport, and thus they'll have to get their own rental cars.