Bischoff Bashed By Hyatt, Backstage DSW Notes, & More

Missy Hyatt appeared on the Dr. Keith Lipinski Show last week and she was upset to say the least in regards to Eric Bischoff's comments on her in his book, Controversy Creates Cash. The two people who Bischoff really went off on in the book were Missy Hyatt and Vince Russo. When asked by the host if she was going to sue, Missy said, "You better believe it because he out-and-out lied!" She also noted that in her book, Missy Hyatt – The First Lady of Wrestling, she didn't talk about the lawsuit with Turner for legal reasons, but Bischoff did in his book. Missy said that the animosity between them happened after she broke up with Jason Hervey, who is Bischoff's close friend and business partner. Missy goes off on Bischoff even more by claiming that he was karate instructor for youths in Minnesota and that he had to quit amongst allegations that he improperly touched the youths. She also talked about the allegation of Bischoff touching her breasts. Missy said that Bischoff said to her, "If you (screwed) me the way you should, you'd still have a job here." Missy goes on off Bischoff even more by calling him a "nothing happening creep" and that he had to do several takes when he was starting out as announcer, unlike her & Jim Ross at the time. To top it all off, at the end of the show, Missy talks about how she could've gotten away with killing Eric Bischoff. In regards to Bischoff's book again, there was an error in the book as a picture of Sherri Martel was labeled as being Missy Hyatt. In response to that, Missy said, "He's gonna be getting it for that to."

Indy women's wrestler Daizee Haze suffered a huge bump on the upper left part of her forehead after she was thrown into the guard rail by her opponent Lacey at Friday's ROH show. The entire audience gasped upon seeing it because the 'goose egg' was quite big. Moments later, she went through a table.

At the same DSW tapings, two fans were kicked out for holding up a High Impact sign. High Impact consisted of Mike Taylor & Tony Santarelli (with Tracy Taylor as their manager) and they were in the promotion since its birth in September 2005. All three individuals were released from their WWE developmental contracts last week. Considering that signs weren't allowed, several fans in the arena made numerous High Impact-related chants throughout the evening. Also, many fans were sporting leis as a silent protest. Tracy Taylor, who is of Hawaiian descent, would regularly wear a lei to the ring.

Conspicuous by their absence were former head trainer Bill DeMott, the Gymini, High Impact, David 'Gangrel' Heath and Tommy Suede, all released during the WWE talent purge last week. None were mentioned in any way, shape or form by DSW.