Castagnoli's WWE Firing, Koslov Update, WWE Banning Phones, & More

Claudio Castagnoli has been fired by WWE. He never officially reported to Developmental. Claudio was not forthcoming about his VISA issues, and Mike Bucci (former Simon Dean and Head of Developmental right now) took him at his word and in the end, there were problems with his paperwork. Bucci had some heat on him for not looking into things better, but in the end Claudio was punished as he was just released.

Victor Koslov, the big Russian that has been appearing on all WWE programs in the crowd, has been working the house show loop with Val Venis to get Koslov prepared for the main roster. The matches are getting solid reviews.

Hogan Knows Best returns this week after a brief hiatus. Here is the show description: "When the Hogan's moved out of Clearwater, they left everything behind, including Hulk's buddy, Brian Nasty Boy' Knobs. So Hulk invites Knobs to the new pad in Miami Beach for a weekend without asking Linda. But when this 300-pound loaf strolls around in his underwear, belches, and plays constant pranks, he quickly becomes the family's worst nightmare."

WWE has recently been stopping people from taking cell phone photographs. They still allow regular cameras and digital cameras, but have been stern in refusing photos being taken with cell phones.