Chris Jericho's Future, Royal Rumble, Rock's New Movie, More

Credit: Various has a story today about Jonathan Coachman calling college basketball games for the CSTV network. Coach also called college football games in the fall. He was quoted in the piece as saying, ""I'm a sportscaster at heart."

Mike Brown sent this follow up of an earlier item. ... According to the "Get Smart" fan website (They claim to have read the script for the movie.) The Rock would indeed be playing Agent 23. Maxwell Smart, an analyst for CONTROL, idolizes 23 because he's their James Bond. The agent who always comes out on top. Once Max heads into the field, he teams up with 23 and 99 (Anne Hathaway) to clear his name against the evil KAOS. So it would appear that Rock will be playing straight man to Steve Carell's comic Agent 86.

Jeff Sheridan sent word that on his MySpace account, Chris Jericho stated that he has sent a second draft of his book, "A Lion's Tale" (which covers his early career) to Warner Brothers so it's that much closer to it's October release date.

The 2007 Royal Rumble PPV press conference scheduled for this Monday at the AT&T Center in San Antonio has been canceled, at least as an open event for the public. It appears that the rowdy crowd at the New Year's Revolution press conference forced WWE to decide to kill off the conferences. WWE WrestleMania will have a press conference, but only because it's such a big event.