Claudio Castagnoli Responds To Internet Rumors

The following is from Claudio's page:

Ladies and Gentlemen this is an official statement issued by one Castagnoli Claudio.

There have been rumors about my status as a US resident, my visa, work visa and so forth.

Those rumors are FALSE.

These rumors hurt me, my integrity and my status in this country and business.

I m a man of honor, pride and integrity.

I do have a green card or permanent resident card if you will and also do have a social security number. In case you don t know, you need both of these in order to be and work in this country legally.

So before so called News Sites and Newsletters release heavy statements or rumors like that, they should really do their job. It s called research.

Let me close by saying there was and is nothing wrong with my visa or residential status.


Castagnoli, Claudio