ECW On SCI-FI Results (1/23): Hot Lesbian Action, More!

ECW On SCI-FI Results (1/23): Hot Lesbian Action, More!

Event: ECW on SCI-FI
Airdate: Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007
Location: Mobile, AL
Results by Steven Gerweck

Announcers: Joey Styles & Tazz. This was was taped several hours ago before SmackDown! and you can tell by the quality.


* Opening video

The show opens with The Sandman bashing a beer can over his head.

(1) The Sandman vs. Sabu vs. Kevin Thorn (with Ariel) vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Rob Van Dam in an over the top rope challenge. Match starts with a chant of "RVD." Sabu and Dreamer are eliminated, followed by Sandman via Kevin Thorn. RVD hits the rolling thunder. As RVD is almost eliminated, fans chant "RVD" again. Thorn goes over the top rope, but lands on the apron. Thorn is finally eliminated via a kick from the top rope. RVD is your winner.

* Styles and Tazz talk about the main event changing to Bobby Lashley vs. Test (was slated to be Lashley vs. Hardcore Holly in an extreme rules match), but they are unsure the reasons behind the change.


(2) Wes Adams vs. Marcus Cor Von. Before the match, Cor Von cuts a promo, talking about people either getting out of his way or getting run over. I believe Tazz called him Cor Van. I guess he is no longer Marquis, but now Marcus. Geez. Pounce by Monty, I mean Cor Von. Russian leg sweep, and a Fujiwara armbar for the submission win by the former Monty Brown.

* Backstage, Holly yells at Test for pulling strings to get tonight's match changed.

Up next, Kelly's expose.

* Kelly's expose. Its extreme expose. Kelly Kelly dances with Smackdown's Leyla and Deep South valet Brooke Adams some 'Kelly's Expose', er, Hot Lesbian Action. They dance around for a good 2 minutes and shake their asses. They tried to do a hot stripper dance routine, but it needs work.

* Matt Striker comes down and joins the announce table. Up next, CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke.

(3) CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke. In a pre-recorded interview, Punk talked about being in the royal rumble, and said he has a feeling that 2007 will be his year. Tell that to the bookers. During the match, Striker called Styles Joseph. Fans chanted "CM Punk." Punk won when he reversed Burke's hand full of trunks attempt.

* They did a recap of tonight's over the top rope challenge. Tazz and Styles plugged the Royal Rumble, and reviewed the card.


(4) Test vs. Bobby Lashley. Pump handle slam by Test, but the ECW champion kicked out. Test brought in chair, but as he attempted to use it, Lashley speared him. Lashley rammed Test into the ring steps on the arena floor. Lashley wins clean in a dull main event. And now we have to pay $39.95 to see the rematch?