ECW Star Spits On Fan, Test/Steroids, Royal Rumble Plans

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Some people are pushing for Hardcore Holly to take on Bobby Lashley at the 2007 Royal Rumble. However, that appears to be a dark horse candidate. The current plan is Lashley vs. Test, although there is the possibility of RVD being added to the mix to make it a three-way match.

Before his match with RVD at the 1/6 Smackdown/ECW house show in Terre Haute, Indiana, Hardcore Holly spit a mouthful of water into the face of 'Sign Guy'. Although, he held up a sign that read "I hope you got some talent for Christmas" in front of Holly. 'Sign Guy' is the guy who often appears at WWE shows with some creative signs and always wears a red hat and mechanic's shirt. He was featured on WWE Confidential a few years back, not to mention a recent issue of WWE Magazine.

This wasn't Holly's only incident before the match because apparently, two front-row fans were tossed from the building for touching Holly, even though they only patted him on the back. Holly told security to throw them out after he challenged them to touch him again.

During the same house show, 'Sign Guy' held up a poster in front of Test that read "The best body chemicals can buy", with a large needle being injected into a photo of Test. Test laughed it off.