Fired WWE Diva Speaks, Angle/WWE, Neidhart's WWE Debut, More

The recently released Amy Zidian finally broke her silence and posted the following blog on her MySpace page ( The page is legit, but set to private: Hi everyone, as we know I've been released from WWE. I still plan to train and do my best. With everything in life hard work pays off and nothing comes easy. I am a true believer in following your dreams. If they don't come true you can always know you tried. DO NOT LIVE WITH REGRET. I can live with the fact I'd always get back up and fall on my face as oppose to walking away. Believe in yourselves and your dreams.

The latest edition of WWE Magazine has a pictorial feature on fans with wrestler tattoos. They showed people with portrait tats of Randy Orton, Lilian Garcia and Kurt Angle. Regarding the caption for the Angle one, they called it a "skid mark" and also said, "How would you like to be stuck with that ink for life?"

As reported earlier, Natalie Neidhart signed with WWE last week and there is an article on the official website in regards to the new signing. Anyways, there is a pretty interesting quote from her in the article that some may have missed. Natalie said, "But as important as it is to be great in the ring, it's just as important to be sexy."