HBK's RAW Promo Takes Shot At Kurt Angle, Backstage News

Sources inside WWE claim that Shawn Michael's reference to wanting to meet the "greatest in ring performer of our generation" who happens to be jerking the curtain someplace else, was indeed a shot to Kurt Angle. The reference was specifically scripted for Michael's promo on Raw this week by WWE's creative team, thus Vince McMahon.

It is likely that WWE is taking note that TNA's pay-per-view buy rates have increased since Angle has jumped to the company. This is not the first shot WWE has taken to Kurt Angle, as they have previously done it inside their magazine, and most recently on their website within their top ten stories of the year.

WWE.com has a story on how New York Yankee's center fielder Johny Damon was in attendance at last night's Smackdown and ECW tapings in Lakeland, Fla. Recent rumors have indicated that the WWE is interested in having mainstream individuals attend their events. WWE.com promoting the Miami Heat players at Raw the other night and now Damon certainly does back up those rumors.