Hogan/WM23 Rumors Inside, HOF Not Airing On USA?, More

As of late, Hulk Hogan has been asked about three potential matches for WrestleMania. Besides a singles match with The Great Khali, a match between Hogan and Umaga has been proposed as well. However, the possibility WWE is pushing the hardest to Hogan is a match between him and Shane McMahon. Hogan would be managed by Donald Trump and Shane would be managed by Vince McMahon. Also, The Great Khali would be the McMahon family bodyguard.

Devin Cutting sent this along: The USA Network has released it's TV schedule for March and there are currently no plans for the USA Network to air the WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony on March 31st, which is the day before WrestleMania 23. In previous years, the Hall Of Fame ceremony has aired the night before WrestleMania at 11 PM. The USA Network currently has a Law & Order marathon on it's schedule for that night from 8 PM to midnight.

The New Zealand-based wrestling website NZPWI.com recently conducted an interview with Mr. Kennedy. Kennedy talks about his career, working with The Undertaker, the influence of Steve Austin and gave advice to New Zealand professional wrestlers trying out with the WWE.