Huge WWE Error On Survivor Series 2006 DVD

Chris Cutrer sent the following: One of the extras on the Survivor Series 06 DVD is the main event from the first Survivor Series in 87 with Hulk Hogan/Bam Bam Bigelow/Don Muraco/Ken Patera/Paul Orndorff vs. Andre the Giant/One Man Gang/King Kong Bundy/Rick Rude/Butch Reed. During the match, Michael Cole (who handles commentary with JBL, replacing the original commentary) refers to the One Man Gang as "the late, great One Man Gang". Unless I missed something I'm sure that he is still among the living.

That is one hell of an error. Indeed, One Man Gang is alive and well, working as a prison security guard in the Southern United States. He's done several shoot interviews and convention appearances in recent years as well, so I am really surprised that error made it onto the DVD.