Interesting Candice Michelle Tidbit, Trish Stratus, More News

Nigel Rhodes sent the following....I was watching Ripley's Believe it or Not yesterday on Sci-Fi and they did a piece about a man who produces trading cards of models. One of the models caught my attention, none other than Candice Michelle. That's right, she has her own set of trading cards. I didn't catch the companies name but he said they are also available on e-bay and some have sold for $500!


The New York Post featured an article today on Trish Stratus' reality series Armed & Famous and it's declining ratings. Stratus, however, was praised in the story.

Tim Baines has an article up with Slam! Wrestling featuring an interview with WWE Canada President Carl DeMarco where he talks about World Wrestling Entertainment's upcoming dates in Canada, including a big one in Montreal that will no longer be taking place after all. The WWE had been tentatively planning on holding this year's Survivor Series PPV in Montreal, which would mark the 10 year anniversary of the famous Bret Hart "screwjob" in 1997. Instead, WWE has announced that they have now booked the show in Miami, Florida. "It was tentatively booked a long time ago, but we never announced (Survivor Series) would be in Montreal. There was a hold on the building, but sometimes there are routing issues," said WWE Canada President Carl DeMarco. The only problem with DeMarco's statement is that back on April 10, 2006, World Wrestling Entertainment issued a press release for their upcoming 2006 and 2007 Pay Per View schedule. Towards the end of the 2007 part of the list, it stated the following: "WWE presents Survivor Series on Sunday, November 25 from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada." So while DeMarco was right in that issues do occur, to say they never announced the date in Montreal is just flat wrong.