JR On Recent Releases, 2 More PPV Changes, More Notes

Jim Ross has a new blog entry up. Some highlights are below. On Kane: We get lots of emails about Kane. I am very high on Kane's abilities and am proud that I helped facilitate his hiring in the WWE. Kane is a gifted athlete who I think was more unique when he was masked. There is no reason Kane could not go back there if he chose to and certainly "the Big Red Machine" would make a great, competitive champion. JBL's Announcing: JBL's announcing work has been a popular topic. JBL has done an amazing job for being in the role such a short time. John should only get better as time goes by. He is bombastic, entertaining, informed, and caustic enough to keep me involved in the broadcast. JBL fills a niche that used to be the norm but now is unique in being an antagonist color analyst. I hope to work with him some day&..maybe even at the Royal Rumble this Sunday. Who knows? On Matt Hardy: Will Matt Hardy be the World's Champion in 2007? I love Matt, and Jeff for that matter, but the answer would be "high unlikely." Matt is an excellent in-ring performer and someday I think Matt might be "the man' but I do realistically feel it will be farther down the road. If I owned a territory, the Hardys would be hired in a heart beat. On Ring of Honor: The Ring of Honor definitely is a great training ground and feature some amazing performers. Any company would be wise to keep an eye on ROH and watch their young talent develop. In lieu of the dozens of territories wrestlers years ago where could earn a living and improve their game at the same time, ROH is a much needed alternative. I wish them success. I have only seen a limited number of their DVDs, but I love the effort of the wrestlers. On the recent releases:One has to feel badly about all the folks that lost their jobs in recent days. That is never a good thing but it an unfortunate part of the process. I know the feeling from both sides of the fence. It doesn t feel good on either side, trust me. Hopefully, those that have the desire and drive to continue will do so and continue to chase their dreams. Others may want to explore other options. I do know there are some talented people who are looking for work, but I also know that everyone isn t cut out for this business.

WWE has apparently changed the locations of two other PPVs. The Great American Bash on July 22nd has been moved from Washington D.C. to San Jose, CA. Cyber Sunday on October 28th has been moved from San Jose, CA to Washington D.C.

Despite rumors and false information, there are NO changes to WSX's launch on Tuesday, January 30th at 10:30 PM on MTV. It is expected that other MTV networks internationally will add the show to their lineups, but feel free to call MTV in your country and let them know "I Want My WSX!" There was some confusion because MTV Canada is delaying not only WSX but new seasons of other MTV shows as well and that lead to some sites reporting incorrect information that the show was not airing in the United States. This information was completely false.