K-Fed Gets WWE Mainstream Attention

Nathan sent the following: I guess getting if WWE wants more mentions on late night TV, they should use more K-Fed. On the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Leno made a comment about K-Fed pinning Cena. "Last night in WWE wrestling, Kevin Federline, yes that Kevin Federline, pinned and beat the champion John Cena. That should end the rumors that wrestling is fake." That got a laugh out of me. And on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Ferguson showed a clip of K-Fed getting F-Ued. His comment was "Not funny, just satisfying." I doubt this'll do anything for them in the long run, but this is pretty much what they wanted, right? Maybe now they should pay K-Fed to appear on the Tonight Show. That'll put butts in seats.

Jimmy sent the following: Just to drop you a note that the CNN Headline News program "Showbiz Tonight" did a story on K-Fed/Cena on RAW, and let's just say the show was not exactly complimentary of WWE or K-Fed in the segment. In fact, the hosts came out and said that they were sick of K-Fed, with one of the captions was "Go Away K-Fed!" Co-host Sibila Vargas mentioned while they have had wrestlers on "Showbiz Tonight," the idea of WWE having K-Fed go on RAW and beating Cena was a "Jump the Shark" moment and a sign that RAW was declining. She suggested that WWE should have "body-slammed" the whole idea. I wish the McMahons would have agreed, but I guess they got the publicity they were looking for.