Khali/Hogan WM23 Plans, New Royal Rumble Match, Y2J

There has been talk of doing a Hulk Hogan vs. Great Khali match at WrestleMania. Khali would basically be replacing Big Show, who will not be at Mania. One source is saying that Show is about as close to being done as a person can be in this business where nobody ever retires. WWE has approached Hogan with two matches, one being against Khali and the other being against Shane McMahon. They're waiting to hear back from Hogan.


The Cyber Sunday buyrate is coming in at 235,000 buys, which would be about 141,000 domestic. Due to improved PPV reporting techniques these numbers are very close to final.

Add The Hardy Boyz vs. MNM to the Royal Rumble PPV card. The Royal Rumble is next weekend, live from San Antonio, TX.