Konnan's Nine Days In The Hospital, TNA Morale Down

Source(s): The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, TNAWrestlingNews.com

Konnan spent nine days in the hospital after getting his hip replaced. Doctors have told him not to wrestle for at least six months, so obviously he's booked himself to work for AAA in three months time. His problem is his kidneys though. His mother has volunteered to be a donor and so far all the testing on her is going well. AAA is planning on doing a benefit show in February to help pay for it, and WWE has agreed to let Rey Mysterio appear. Konnan was told the damage to his kidneys was consistent with what would be expected after heavy steroid use.

TNA backstage morale is down again. There is now a real divide between the star group (Nash, Sting, Angle, Christian, Jarrett) and the rest of the roster. The star group not only get more money but also have a separate dressing room to the rest of the workers.