Kurt Angle Set To Work New Japan Pro Wrestling

President Simon gave an interview today to discuss what is now Kurt Angle's official participation on the 2/18 Sumo Hall show. Simon is glad he's finally been able to acquire Angle's services, after negotiating with him since November. Simon said that Angle is very interested in the pro wrestling of Japan, especially former amateur stars like Nagata, Nakanishi, and Nakamura. Simon believes a tag match will be set up (well, thankfully its not a three way dance this time!), and is expecting many New Japan wrestlers to introduce themselves as candidate. Naigai Times says Nagata and Nakanishi may both be involved in it, which isn't too surprising. Simon promised that New Japan will think carefully about this match, as they want to satisfy the fans and give Angle a suitable podium on which to show his ability. Simon also announced that he's considering dispatching wrestlers to TNA again in exchange, so long as they are interested in using Japanese talent.