Major News & Preview For ECW Tonight

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Mess with Test and you will fall like the rest. At least that seemed to be the message the powerful Superstar was trying to deliver to RVD and ECW Champion Lashley when he laid them out with a steel chair during their ECW World Title match.


Test seemed furious at being overlooked as the deserving contender in his quest for the ECW World Title. The referee ended the main event following Test s interference, which allowed Lashley to retain his spot as the ruler of the house of hardcore. has learned that on Tuesday night, the ECW on Sci Fi main event will be a Triple Threat Match pitting Test, RVD and Lashley against each other for the ECW World Title. Will Test s ruthless aggression lead him to victory? Will RVD s death-defying maneuvers land him on top? Or will the awesome power of Bobby Lashley help keep the former Armed Forces Champion wearing the coveted ECW title?

Find out at 10/9 CT on ECW on Sci Fi.