Marquis Cor Von's WWE Debut, CM Punk Hates MySpace, More

There is an article up on focusing on the WWE and ECW stars that will take part in the 30 Man Royal Rumble. has added a profile on "The Alpha Male" Marquis Cor Von, formerly known as Monty Brown in TNA. Interestingly, his profile is titled by his nickname, "The Alpha Male," so it looks like they'll be referring to him by that name for the most part.

Tommy Dreamer will continue to write his column on, 'Diary of Violence'.

In his latest blog, CM Punk blasts Apparently, he is upset that there are a bunch of fake CM Punk profiles on the website and that he constantly gets comments from fans telling him that they talked to him on it. He adamantly insists that he does not have a MySpace account and that he never will.