Massive TNA Update: Angle, Record Crowds, MMA Stars, & More

Despite his concussion at Sunday night's TNA PPV, Kurt Angle appeared on NBC Monday morning on the TV show iVillage Live. He cooked a wheat burrito and talked about how he is extra careful with his heart due to his family's history with heart problems. In regards to wrestling, Angle said that TNA has the best and fastest moving wrestlers. He did mention his concussion, but only in passing.

Angle also appeared on NBC Sunday night on George Michael's Sports Machine show. Apparently when the interview was taped, he was asked one question and he talked for 35 minutes on it. At the end of the segment, he claimed that he wanted to do MMA, but he had an awful lot to lose as one fight could destroy his reputation. Angle said, "Am I willing to put my rep up for one fight?" He dreams about the one match that could make or break his legacy. Also, he talked about having a major painkiller problem in 2005.

TNA had its biggest crowd in history at the 1/5 show in Lisbon, Portugal. They drew 5,000 fans in an 8,000 seat arena. SmackDown had a house show in the same arena last month as well, and they sold out the place. Furthermore, even though TNA airs on Eurosport, the majority of the fans aren't too familiar with product as aside from Kurt Angle, they don't know most of the wrestlers. For instance, when Samoa Joe put Kurt Angle in his patented choke hold finisher, hardly anyone in the arena knew what he was doing.

It was TNA's decision to discontinue airing TNA Xplosion on Sun Sports. They told them in early December that they would no longer be supplying them with tapes of the show. Sun Sports was their only U.S. outlet for the show. However, they'll continue to produce the show because it's cheap to produce and it's profitable for the company to sell it to international markets. Also, they'll continue airing the show on The Fight Network in Canada.

Just days after announcing a mobile deal with New Motion Inc., TNA incorporated cell phone texting for the first time in the company's history at the Final Resolution PPV Sunday night asking fans who they thought would win the 30 Minute Iron Man Match between Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe.