More On The Releases Of Several WWE Talents

To update you on Mike Taylor and Tony Salantri (a/k/a Tony Santarelli), who were released from their WWE developmental contracts yesterday, they worked as a tag team known as High Impact in Deep South Wrestling. The duo was slated to appear on WWE s SmackDown brand at one time and were the first ever Tag Team Champions of DSW.

Mike s wife Traci Taylor, who was signed to a WWE developmental deal after husband, worked with Mike in training the Spirit Squad on their cheers as both of the Taylors have a background in coaching cheerleading competitions.

It is interesting that WWE released The Gymini with them being the current holders of the Deep South Wrestling Tag Team Titles. It remains to be seen if WWE will allow them to come back to at least relinquish the championships, but look for the new holders to be the team Urban Assault which is composed of former TNA star Siaki and Eric Perez.