Nash/Backlund Backstage Disagreement, Pierzynski, iMPACT!, More

Source(s): The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, is now confirming that a taped two hour special will be shown on 2/12 when RAW is pre-empted due to the dog show. This could change into a regular show although it's unlikely at this point. According to them, nobody really knows right now and details are still being worked out. The latest rumor according to the site is that they will take five PPV matches from recent months and air them. There is fear that if they tried to run a live show and something went wrong it would expose their weaknesses and that's not something they'd want to do with the hope that regular RAW viewers would be switching the channels on Monday looking for wrestling.

CNN Headline News put AJ Pierzynski's chair shot on Hoyt on its regular rotation. It also received heavy press in Chicago according to the guys over at

Before the last PPV (Final Resolution), there was a disagreement backstage with Kevin Nash and Bob Backlund. Dave Meltzer reports that Nash wanted to put one over on Backlund by talking about "gimmicks" (wrestler talk for getting high on somas or other forms of downers) and other drug references that he thought Backlund wouldn't get. Backlund though did get what he was talking about and threatened to leave unless Nash changed it.