New D-X Member Nixed By HHH, Vince/Trump RAW Deal

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As things stand now, Vince McMahon will be cutting promos on Donald Trump on episodes of RAW until March 12th. Trump will be appearing on television eventually, but when he actually does hinges on when his schedule frees up.

Howard Stern mentioned in his show yesterday that 'Armed and Famous' originally offered his girlfriend/model Beth Ostrosky the spot that Trish Stratus wound up taking on the show. Beth was offered $60,000 per episode. Not to say that Trish got that amount as well, but it was likely in that area. Trish was brought into the project at the last minute. Also, on last night's episode, Trish went undercover as a prostitute during a sex sting. Later in the show, she had to cope with the discovery of a body of someone who had passed away.

Last week, the idea of putting someone new into DX to make a new top level star and to also give Shawn Michaels a tag team partner was discussed. Triple H nixed the ideas immediately. Also, Ric Flair is expected to work as an honorary DX member at house shows in which he teams up with HBK to take on Edge & Orton, but he won't be allowed to be put over and put into DX on television.