New WWE Tag Team, RKO/D-X Finish Botched Last Night, More

WWE developmental tag team Deuce and Domino (and their valet Cherry) are on the road for this week's Smackdown/ECW swing. They appeared at last night's house show (defeating Jimmy Wang Yang and Funaki). Deuce is the adopted son of Jimmy Snuka. There has been talk of calling the 50's greasers team up to the main roster for about a year now, but they have yet to get over the hump and land on television.

Due to Triple H's knee injury, the finish of the DX-Rated RKO match at last night's New Year's Revolution PPV was changed on the fly during the match to a no contest finish.

AOL's browser today has one of four news and information windows, one is dedicated to comical viral videos to give you a 'mellow Monday'. One of the feature videos is Kevin Federline being FU'ed by John Cena this past Monday on RAW: "K-Fed takes a beating. Poor old Kevin Federline. First he gets dumped by his wife, Britney Spears. Now he's dumped on the floor by a huge wrestler."